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A brief, passionate encounter between a suburban woman and … a tennis ball machine. Don’t miss the subtly hilarious ending. The Tennis Lesson is a provocat…
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  • Eleanor Forman 4 years ago

    Why did Mrs.Reynolds take off her engagement and wedding rings beforehand
    if The Prince already knew her name/ that she was married?

  • Jamal Munshi 4 years ago

    yes, the ball machine came but she came first, no?

  • hwt2009 4 years ago

    not bad … do you have one with hands on instruction?

  • MadameK 4 years ago

    Steve Karp is my boss. :D

  • Taher Ahmed 4 years ago

    mmmmmm nice tennis skirt

  • Chan Kok Soon 4 years ago

    One could play tennis which classical music!

  • davisracquet 4 years ago

    Something this ’70s is very entertaining to me, I wish it lasted an hour!

  • vohshkab 4 years ago

    Now I can see where McEnrow got his inspiration those strokes look
    strangely familiar

  • Chan Maurice Evans 4 years ago

    I was waiting for her to smoke a cigarette.

  • kaszap 4 years ago

    whatta fuck man the ball machine CAME!