Share Button – Brent Abel discusses when NOT to use the forehand groundstroke slice. To find out how to add a solid slice forehand and backhand to your game, follow this link:…
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  • joseph oneil 4 years ago

    not if you don’t suck and can hit a flat slice instead of a lob slice.

  • Paul Smith 4 years ago


  • Shiro Amura 4 years ago

    You CAN do a slice from there…just takes practice…Note, I said CAN, not
    SHOULD. He is very right about NOT using right there, because the ball will
    pop up and your opponent will most likely smash it back at you.

  • FullSilverShinobi 4 years ago

    I can slice

  • DarkSabataSoul 4 years ago

    this helped me a lot!

  • bamboodlesh 4 years ago

    i slice usually when returning a serve attempting a winner

  • Anjo606 4 years ago

    @hunterofall @hunterofall yea i get you, just Im the smasher haha ;). I see
    mistakes when people tend to always overuse the slicing especially when
    they arent as consistent, which leads me to smash one after the other or
    topspin the hell outta it. i typically use slicing only when i have to save
    the ball and i dont have the time or distance to swing my groundstrokes.
    helps alot and will definitley save you some points

  • totallyawesomenezz 4 years ago

    i can slice pretty good now and topspin a little better but i wanna kick
    serve! there better be a vid of kick serve..

  • plstrom 4 years ago

    well that is simply a bad shot… for the forehand ofcourse

  • Gino Fernandez 4 years ago

    these clips r great…it tauhgt me the kick serve.before this all i could
    do was pop a second serve over and anyone with a little talent would just
    smash it back.a day after i seen the tips i had a kick second serve down
    and it has alot of movement so these clips would be great to teach anyone
    who wants to learn the great game

  • Thatisgenius 4 years ago

    Wow i can’t wait for the next video! Thanks for posting =)

  • liambannin 4 years ago

    No, the opposite, if you play a slice when the ball is high in the air, the
    opponent will just smash it back.

  • J'zargo 4 years ago

    thanks a lot…realized why my slice backhand doesn’t always work

  • FairwayJack 4 years ago

    Thx Brent. I only use the forehand slice defensively when running for a
    very wide ball. I tend to pop it up as you say. Next time I’ll try to catch
    it earlier (time permiting)

  • Ram Santanam 4 years ago

    Thanks this helped a lot

  • jojo10ox 4 years ago

    um.. so are u saying its better to hit a slice when the ball is higher
    rather than if it was a low shot?

  • ganesh patel 4 years ago

    Thats because nowadays no one on the pro tour really uses a slice forehand
    except more of as a defensive shot when their in trouble so that they can
    buy enough time to get back into the rally. Check out some old school
    tennis clips of Ash, Mcenroe, Gerulitis. You’ll see a lot more slice
    forehands especially on clay.

  • artdamage 4 years ago

    I’ve been wanting to learn how to slice for awhile, so I hope this video
    helps. I’ll try it out on the court