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Very affordable and versatile piece or equipment installed in my apartment a.k.a Home Boxing Office.


Equipment Review


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  • Rogger White 4 years ago

    Double end bags are not made to have 2. Balls thay was made to b one that’s
    y u never see the pros usein shit. Like that

  • PunchProfessor 4 years ago

    Excellent ~ Ever since I was a Teenager ~ I had some kind of home boxing
    gym !
    If you could only have one Punching Bag, then that Double ~ Double End
    Bag is a great choice…
    Myself, I would hang it a little lower, but I would adjust and mess with it
    so that I could have different type workouts with one Punching Bag.
    Smart idea the changing of the ESsss hook for the clamp type hook. I like
    to modifie all my equipment ? ? ?
    Keep with the Practice, cause we never stop getting better as long as we
    keep trying ~ (TRUE) * * *
    Sincerely Wish You The Best New Year and May God Bless You,and Me too*
    Paulie D’ The Punch Professor