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A quick review of my new ULA CDT which I will be taking on my 2013 Appalachian Trail Thru Hike. More information of the packs performance to come. Enjoy.
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Equipment Review


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  • jrmakawoody 4 years ago

    You meant to say cubic inches ;) thanks for sharing

  • migest00 4 years ago

    I threw up twice with your camera all over the place… This was a review
    on that wooden floor, right?

  • good2go201 4 years ago

    nice steps, but learn what the little camera viewpanel does. I’ve seen most
    of your porch and precious little of the pack. You almost made me seasick.
    The verbal was good though.

  • plank ton 4 years ago

    thanks ddodds !! how about post trip report? did cdt suffice?

  • DDodds1990 4 years ago

    I’m getting very excited, I can’t wait to get back on the trail! I was
    going to hammock but I can’t sleep very well in them so I decided to go
    back to the ground. When I get the last piece of gear I need, I will be
    making an official gear video for my 2013 AT Thru Hike. Thanks for taking
    interest in my videos! I’m posting a new video as I write this.

  • allaroundguy94 4 years ago

    Hammocks take A LOT of fiddling around with to get to a point where you are
    comfortable. Often times if you pitch one side a little to high, or a
    little to low, you won’t be at the right angle to sleep. Also, if the
    hammock isnt pitched with about a 30 degree angle on each side, the fabric
    can often bunch up and cause pressure points. Anyways, I think you should
    keep on fiddlin’ with the hammock. Once you get it right, you will never go
    back to ground sleeping. Thanks again Cyborg

  • allaroundguy94 4 years ago

    You must be getting really excited about the AT. I also have a Circuit, and
    it’s easily one of my favorite peices of gear. Also, did you say your
    hammocking it the whole way? Thanks for the vids on gear and your AT hike,
    and keep ‘em coming!

  • Dale Henderson 4 years ago

    do you still plan on using a hammock

  • garyg763 4 years ago

    Nice review, I have the Circuit but looking for a smaller pack when I don’t
    have to carry the bear canister. Would a Thermarest Ridgerest fit rolled up
    inside instead of using the pad. I do this with my Golite Jam 50 and it
    works out well, thanks

  • DDodds1990 4 years ago

    I would say that the Ridgerest would fit inside. I used to have one and
    still have an idea of the size, so if I remember correctly it will fit.

  • Richard Moran 4 years ago

    I agree…the liner has been perfect so far..all dry

  • DDodds1990 4 years ago

    I was going to but I went back to tenting. Couldn’t sleep very well in a

  • Pawoodsman 4 years ago

    Love my catalyst and ohm great packs

  • DDodds1990 4 years ago

    I won’t be using a rain cover. I don’t see a point in using one since I
    have the compactor bag. I love the ULA line of packs, they do a great job
    and I love the fact that they are made in the US!

  • garyg763 4 years ago

    Hope you are still satisfied with the CDT, I just ordered one. thanks gary

  • Richard Moran 4 years ago

    Love my circuit!! Ula has great customer service. I see your using
    compactor liner..are using pack covet also…I’ve been using with out rain