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  • antonarap 4 years ago

    The reason why western>semiwestern>eastern in terms of spin has nothing to
    do with rolling the racket over the ball. It has to do with the natural
    angle formed by the racket in relation to the ground at contact. Make an
    experiment: Holding your racket, reach forward in front of your body: With
    an eastern grip the racket tends to be almost parallel to the ground. With
    a full western it tends to point upwards 45 degrees. In an actual stoke
    this natural upwards angle is not formed until the follow through, but the
    arm muscles exert to achieve it already before contact. As a result the
    racket head moves upwards faster with western grips. The upwards motion of
    the racket head is circular and anticlockwise (for right handers), not
    linear and parallel to the ground as some oversimplify it. The more extreme
    the grip, the more vicious the anticlockwise rotation. A quicker
    rotation creates more spin. Thank you.

  • Prabhu Sathyamoorthy 4 years ago

    Hi Ian, how are you. I am an avid follower of your channel and really value
    your advise. The big problem I face is that when I move to the net near the
    service line and there’s an easy ball asking to be hit, I make a mess of it
    and over hit it. Is there any word of advise for me. 

  • ekolder 4 years ago

    You are the best. I’ve actually never heard this explained in this way but
    it makes perfect sense. thanks for posting this!

  • Rishab Hanjagimutt 4 years ago

    So if my contact with the ball is on a slant and not perpendicular to the
    meet what is it doing? What effect does hitting the ball with the racquet
    head slanted have on the balls movement?

  • Marc Isikoff 4 years ago

    Power on topspin is mostly caused by your hips rotating from closed to open
    in sync with your racket driving the ball as it moves up (the racket) to
    your other shoulder. While grip is slightly irrelevant — as shown in the
    video — power is developed from a lot more than your arm strength. When
    you watch a player like Roddick or Federer hit topspin, watch their hips.

  • widestrides 4 years ago

    Great! That helps explain it! But for me, the racquet feels much more
    secure with an Eastern grip. When I go to Western, it feels less secure.

  • Say0n 4 years ago

    Hi, Im starting after 10 years and Im using a eastern forehand a little in
    the heavy side to try to generate more topspin and eastern backhand. I just
    got the Babolat Pure drive and I’m not sure if it was the right racquet
    choice. Is this raquet suitable for my playstyle? im trying to get use to
    it but I throwing all out of the court

  • MikvasEye 4 years ago

    Doesn’t the grip also change the natural position of the ball contact? I
    mean, it is way easier to hit high balls using western rather than eastern

  • Dmytro Savytsky 4 years ago

    Thank you for a great lesson. All of your movies look like I am talking to
    my trainer, not watching fancy, very sweet and artificial movies with 1min
    intro and 2 min ending. I have not watched all of your lessons yet, but I

  • Edward Garces 4 years ago

    Hello, I first want to say thanks Ian for all of your videos; I have
    learned tremendous amounts from them and they have seriously improved my
    game. I am slowly trying to conquer another milestone in my game and trying
    to hit a forehand with more topspin. I have watched all your videos
    relating to topspin and with an open stance, I can generate lots of topspin
    with a semi-western grip. However, I have to drop the ball out in
    front… Whenever I hit a ball that’s coming at me with the same mechanics
    it tends to lob, very little if any topspin, and it begins to hurt my
    wrist. What am I doing wrong from dropping the ball and hitting a ball
    coming at me? Do you know how I could fix this? Thank you very much. 

  • Bryan Tanner 4 years ago

    I like the phrase, “The ball doesn’t care…” (2:16)

  • anorexic BOB 4 years ago

    Im a 15 year old junior tennis player of a high standard. I have just
    started using the nadal forehand technique. I’m getting much more spin on
    the ball and I can see my opponents struggling to hit the ball when it’s
    way above head height but I’m struggling to finish the ball. What can I do
    to get more power out of that kind of shot.

  • Grayson White 4 years ago

    Hey Ian, love the videos! Just a quick question about my volleys. On
    offensive volleys (when they are above the net) I seem to be hitting most
    of them deep, but I don’t feel like I’m putting much into them. Is this
    because the way my racquet is facing or could it be something else? So I
    guess my final quotation is how to put volleys away easier, and more
    shallow? Thanks

  • adev devgan 4 years ago

    hi Mr.Ian, want to ask abaut my 2 handed back hand
    i can’t decide to hit the ball with spin or flat.
    so i want to ask you which one is the best from two of them ?

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 4 years ago

    What grip is best for topspin on the forehand? Warning – trick question!

  • David Lau 4 years ago