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Wimbledon 2012 Semi-Final Roger Federer Vs Novak.Djokovic Full Match HD

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  • hililala321 4 years ago

    watching this now before Wimbledon 2014. let’s hope he wins the title again
    this year.

  • Troy Nguyen 4 years ago

    Welcome to the Commiseration Video for pathetic fedfans
    after Nole DESTROYS the fagFed in 2014!


  • Troy Nguyen 4 years ago

    this bum couldn’t beat falla at halle

  • Thegaming France 4 years ago

    Pour ce qui aime bien djokovic comme moi venez sur ma chaine et voir son
    reportage , sa vie , il raconte son histoire en 20 minutes , a tres vite
    sur ma chaine , allez Novak !

  • Aleksandar SRB 4 years ago

    Tomorrow Djokovic will win!!!

  • GoldenBell83 4 years ago

    Always love watching Fed walking into the court. He’s got the class & style
    that as soon as he walk into the court, you can feel that “he wins”.

  • pcwleung 4 years ago

    Yep, more like this tomorrow, especially the serving.

  • Danilo Ilic 4 years ago

    I hope Djokovic make sport revenge tomorrow.

  • Sri Ram 4 years ago

    fedex is an old hag and has come this far this time with a little change in
    strategy and sheer luck, taking all the points standing in the same place;
    Milos a big let down to lose with to this oldie in straight sets…Djoker
    will show to Fedex what draining tennis is! make him run from one end to
    the other eventually draining our Fedexc to take the cup! cant wait to see
    it! Fedex has won enuff, he should be home playing with his new twins!
    going forward…

  • butterflycaught900 4 years ago

    Commentator is an idiot. He even contradicted him self in one sentence.
    “lightning feet from djokovic, he planted himself on the forehand side”…
    lol nonsensical 

  • Jay Chung 4 years ago

    Wow, has djokovic won this tournament before? That’s a surprise

  • Jas Jess 4 years ago

    That’s kate Middleton, is that a female bodyguard next to her? I’ve seen
    her eating and drinking all the food and drink. And she goes everywhere
    with kate.she doesn’t carry her purse either 

  • sperrotta91 4 years ago

    Damn Becker is annoying…

  • mitch dupre 4 years ago

    Great match.. I wish McEnroe-Carillo were commentating for it though…
    that would be perfect viewing

  • Michael Kenney 4 years ago

    lady in the background at 15:45 has the fucking iPhone 36…

  • TH Duong 4 years ago


  • Tom Glue 4 years ago

    The Cheer of the people when Roger wins the 3rd set on the point at 1:49:35,
    just proves who the true king of Wimbledon is, and always will be.

  • Ace Rimmer 4 years ago


  • federico scola 4 years ago

    the king of grass roger federer

  • rog nad 4 years ago

    In 2012 the British people still considered Rog-ephedra more British than
    Andy Murray. LOL

  • joejohn1423 4 years ago

    it’s funny when djokovic does the wide-eyed look. lol.

  • SmallyBigz 4 years ago

    @giwrgos nomikos

    Keep dreaming.

    Federer’s record against Nadal is laughable.
    If you say Federer is world class then Rafa is right there with him.

    Nadal isn’t elite? LOL

    You are fucking brain dead bro.

  • TheSupinesmokey13 4 years ago

    i would its a good shot just not as consistent as before because he isn’t
    always able to get in position quick enough to hit it well notice just how
    bad his footwork is when he shanks. its a technically sound shot though if
    he had a stronger upper body ala boris becker he would handle the high ball
    a bit better

  • Dena Haz 4 years ago

    hi ..may i know do you have all Federer Full matches against Djokovic
    rivalry (all 29 matches)…does anyone know how to get it? Thanks.

  • Benjamin Wu 4 years ago

    I love bangladesh!