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This is a review of the latest badminton racket from Yonex, the Yonex Voltric 70. We handed over this racket to our racket sports manager Andy Hartley, who t…
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  • MauriceRobinsonSport 4 years ago

    @davidpxn We have a review of the Yonex voltric 80 coming soon. I would
    recommend it for aggressive players with a fast arm speed. The racket
    rewards smashing, however if your arm speed is not fast enough you could
    find yourself on the back foot during points.

  • Antonio Castro 4 years ago

    @MauriceRobinsonSport I will try experimenting them, but here in Portugal,
    will be a bit difficult :) thanks for the help

  • 12simpleplan 4 years ago

    Maurice can u give me ur shop adress i wanna come and check ur rackets out

  • LoOpEddy 4 years ago

    Very good review? Yeah you said that this is almost your favorite racket,
    so which is your favorite? If you should compare it to arcsaber 7. Which
    one is the best in your opinion?

  • MauriceRobinsonSport 4 years ago

    Hi, yes that is correct.

  • MauriceRobinsonSport 4 years ago

    Hi, please go to our website, MauriceRobinsonSports Thanks

  • luke Carroll 4 years ago

    @MauriceRobinsonSport thanks, my friend is looking at the voltric 70 at the
    moment as he has the demo racket. i will be coming into the shop on the
    weekend probably.

  • Antonio Castro 4 years ago

    @MauriceRobinsonSport I’m an aggressive player who also likes to play at
    the net, I have a good shot and I like to make cut reverve drop..between
    the z slash and voltric 70 which will be best for me?

  • Jerometky 4 years ago

    Hello, I have a question. Which Voltric racquet of the series would be good
    for me? I depend on power to score points so I would like to know, which of
    the voltric series would give me the most power in my smashes and would
    other racquets such as the Armortec 900 P (or racquets from other brands)
    be better for this purpose?

  • MauriceRobinsonSport 4 years ago

    Hi Batman, thanks for your message. I think you may need a bit stiifer
    shaft now, maybe a Nano 9900 or a Voltric 70 or an Arc Saber 5DX. If you
    want to come into the shop, we operate a demo system so you can try before
    you purchase.

  • MauriceRobinsonSport 4 years ago

    @12simpleplan Hi, If you want to checkout our racket sports store, please
    see our website for our address and how to get there. Thanks!

  • MauriceRobinsonSport 4 years ago

    Hi sorry for the delay in replying to the choice of racquet. Its really
    down to your own arm speed on your overhead hitting action. If you have a
    very fast arm speed the Z Slash would be the better of the two but if you
    have a slow overhead hitting action the Voltric 70 would be best. I have
    found the Voltric to suit me better because my arm speed has slowed down.
    Hope this has helped

  • davidpxn 4 years ago

    hi, i need a new racket but i don’t know if i should buy arcsaber 10 or
    voltric 70. I’m more a defensive/offensive player and i have averige wrist
    power. Could you help me?

  • SoJuDaMaN 4 years ago

    can anybody tell me how the VT7 (not 70) compares to AT600, AT50, AT30?

  • laurits Grønlund Poulsen 4 years ago

    @batman123456789ism i think voltric 70 will be a good choice for you
    because it got a good power and it is very fast trough the air. i know the
    weight is in the head but still.

  • LoOpEddy 4 years ago

    I’ve heard that the Voltric 70 breaks easy because of the tri- voltage
    system. Does it really break that easy? Should I buy an Armortec 900P or
    Voltric 70? I like hard smashes but I want to be able to defend well. I
    also want a racket that is good around the net. I am going to London today
    and is thinking of buying a Voltric 70 (if it is in stock) If not I think
    of getting the Armortec 900P Lee C.W Signature racket.

  • luke Carroll 4 years ago

    i got my racket from here! nanospeed 6000, i got it a while ago and need a
    couple new rackets, which ones would you advise. (preferably head light) i
    play for warwickshire county development

  • michael pham 4 years ago

    i was just wondering if u can do a review on the wilson blx vertex ?

  • wr8carl 4 years ago

    Hi. I think you should make a correction on the Voltric 70′s shaft flex.
    It’s a medium flex! :D

  • MauriceRobinsonSport 4 years ago

    @ThatAsianDude93 no, I dont think it can be peeled off.

  • MauriceRobinsonSport 4 years ago

    @ThatAsianDude93 Hi Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the Voltric range does
    have a couple of stickers that are cemented on to the racket’s shaft. This
    is because they wanted to use a reflective YY logo on the frame, which is
    impossible to achieve printing directly on to graphite. I would suggest
    they did this for a) “Style”?! or b) anti-counterfeit measures.

  • RubikvnDevil 4 years ago

    I’ve tried AT700 3U and felt it quite heavy for me, can u please recommend
    for me a racket with stiffness about 7/10 (1 for super flexible – 10 for
    super stiff), head heavy balance, and weight just like this Voltric 70 4U
    (in this video)… my friend told me that kind of rackets like i said are :
    Lining N90 Woods, Victor Metoer X 70, Victor Brave Sword 11, AT700 4U… I
    still dont have chances to try them yet…

  • MauriceRobinsonSport 4 years ago

    @LoOpEddy Hi my personal racquet is the Nanospeed 9900 mainly due to the
    fact that my overhead arm speed has slowed down over my advancing years. I
    have found the shaft in the 9900 so responsive to my arm speed and picks up
    on the speed I want to generate. The racquets seams to help me more than
    any other racquet. Before the 9900 I used the Arcsaber 7 which I felt had
    similar feel to the 9900. I do like them both but the 9900 shaft for the
    why I hit suits me best.

  • wristskills 4 years ago

    Hello there, nice review!! The only minus i can give is the shorter grip
    than the older armortecs…. My favorite racket is the armortec 900
    technique, do you which voltric replaces my racket the best or do you think
    there will be a voltric 90 maybe??

  • ThatAsianDude93 4 years ago

    Ok thanks, 1 more thing, Did u felt any difference in terms of the sound
    produced by this racquet due to the new sound filter thingy.